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Thursday, October 1, 2015


Gregory is not feeling well today. Bad cold, fever, cough. He has slept most of the day and has been unable to eat or drink because he is so sleepy and therefore unable to swallow. He is unresponsive but I spent a long time talking to him anyway and kissing his face and holding his hand. I am grateful that he is resting comfortably.

Manny has been sitting with him, holding Gregory's hand, cooing and petting him. Swabs help keep Gregory's mouth moist. If Gregory wakes up we will try juices. I visited for a couple hours, left for a couple more, then returned.

Emotions are close to the surface as Gregory enters the possible beginning of the end. If this congestion/ cough and fever turns into pneumonia, it could take him. I have decided (as Gregory and I discussed life/ death issues when he was able) by extension that we will not administer antibiotics.

If he is able to survive this bout, it means he is not ready to leave us. If he does leave us, I see it as his decision that he is ready. We have been through this before, last winter, but this time it surprised me anyway.

He and I discussed this last time he was ill and today we had our "Birds and the Bee's" talk again. Although this time, I do not know if he heard me or not.
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Meanwhile everyone involved will do what we can to help Gregory be comfortable and he continues to be loved (by all who come in contact with him,) safe, and well taken care of.

The Lieberman medical team are on top of his needs, the nurse manager and floor nurses checked in with me, his hospice nurse visited twice today, I got a call from the hospice social worker, and his Lieberman social worker dropped in several times today. Even Marti who used to be his nurse dropped by as did our activities director and some visitors from the life enrichment team. The floor nurses and his CNAs will check on him every hour or so.

Time will tell. I will keep you up to date. Boy I love that man!

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