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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Just A Few of The Condolences

You do not necessarily need to read all of these but I felt the need to document the condolences that came in via e-mails and texts and donations. I also received many cards with lovely thoughts added.  

   I am sorry to hear of Gregory's death! Gregory was a dear! You have been a loyal, caring and devoted partner and friend for him! I hope you will find comfort and relief from your loving memories of your life together and I know your dear friends will bring you solace in your grief and sorrow! We all are saddened by his passing! 
   Love, Patty

My Dear Michael,
   I must express my very sincerest condolences on the loss of your beloved life partner Greg. Being a relative of someone who resides at Lieberman the death of a loved one has a particular truth for all of us and we will all face it in the near future. 
   You are a truly fine gentleman and a most caring individual both to Greg and to all of us who have had the good fortune to have met you. I thank you for the short time that we had to know each other and pray that our paths will cross again.
   We all know that death will come to all of us at some time but for many it is too soon; we are not ready. I hope you will face the future with all the fondest memories of your lives together and think of us as your friends always.
   B'shalom v'ahava, Mickey
PS I want everything on it, no ketchup or sauerkraut, and a small order of fries.

Dear Micheal,

   At this difficult time in your life, I pray that God will grant you the serenity and peace that you need to get through this. Stay strong and know that you are remembered in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you.

   I am sending this note with much sympathy for the loss of Greg.
I know how devoted you were to one another for all the years.  I know how devoted you were during the years of illness.  May you both have found peace. We plan to come to share our condolences.
   Sincerely, Cinda and Franklin

Dear Michael,
   I am very sorry to hear that Gregory has passed.  Though his time had come, it is difficult to accept.  We are very saddened about the entire situation.  We wish there could have been many more good years for the two of you. 
   I love the picture of Gregory you sent with your email.  Thank you for sharing that with us. 
   With love, Andi and Frank

     You know the old saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” It’s become a cliché, but you know, you are embarking on a new chapter. Alone, without Gregory, yes, but also—no responsibilities, no working so hard to optimize his experiences, no daily trips to Lieberman.
     Of course, you never begrudged it, never complained—but now! It’s all about you! Aren’t you excited to find out what you will do? 
     Just sayin’.
     Love, Pat

Reg 1
Gregory Maire

John and Wilber
Sending love and support, Michael. The time we spent with you and Gregory and the memories we treasure of you both are a gift beyond words.

Dear Michael,
   We're saddened to hear of Gregory's passing.  I know you will miss him and you deeply loved him.  You certainly instinctively knew what to do all these years and you did it well and with much love.  So sorry we can't be in Evanston to be with you, but we are thinking of both you and I know you will look to the future with optimism and hope.
   Love Les and Irv

Dear Michael:  
   Thank you for the facebook tribute to Gregory.  My deepest sympathies to you in your loss.  What a tribute to Gregory, but also to you.  May you remember the good times, grow from the challenges, and know that Gregory will be with you in spirit as you begin this next chapter.  Unfortunately, I cannot be there on Sunday as I am traveling, but I will remember fondly my time with you and Gregory.  My thoughts and prayers are with you. My sympathies, 

   Thank you for communicating in any way to let me know of Gregory’s passing.  Again, as always, your words describe your feelings and answered the questions about his life until the very end.  I  am grateful to you for the education of his illness and how it affected you, his partner of so many years. You always answered in detail what I asked of you.  Your articles educated so many of us.  We are now more able to understand what options there are and how to access aides. My love for you in your sorrow.

Dear Michael:

   My  heart weeks for you --not for Gregory  -- He is at peace.

   Thank you so much for this, Michael.  I'm so happy you're in a peaceful, resurrected state of mind, and your comments reflect that you both have lived a good life, and faced death with grace. May Gregory rest in eternal peace.



    We are carrying you in our hearts. Unfortunately Dave and I will be unable to be with you. We recently were blessed with the birth of our 1st grandchild. A boy! Phoenix David Rolan. We will be in Wisconsin with them all this weekend.
     I am attaching a photo for your pleasure. After all, both you and Gregory helped us celebrate this union.
  Hopefully. you will also take some pleasure in knowing that Jay's brother will we'd his sweetie Brandon in 2017. You may remember meeting both the guys at Jay and Elizabeth's wedding. Some things in the world are improving for this next 
  Much Love, Janet

Dear Michael,
  While today's approach is to  "celebrate the life" not mourn the death, it all really does go together.  The love you and Greg shared for so many years has simply taken a new form and I join the very many in thanking you both for your incredible inspiration.  Individually, you and Greg are phenomenal, and together the beauty of that phenomenon grew exponentially.
   With love, Irene

   Jim and I are in NJ . I am so sorry to hear about Gregory's death. We will see you 
Sunday afternoon. Deepest sympathies. You both are in our hearts and prayers.

Hi Michael,
   I am very sorry to hear about Gregory's passing. Thanks for letting me know about your get together this Sunday to celebrate his life. I plan to be there. I look forward to seeing you. 

Dear Michael,

   I am so sorry about the news. I am in the middle of my Korea trip. When I return, I will contact you and express my condolences properly.
   With deepest sympathy, Bonnie

   Yes, Greg was a hero, and so are you! Robert and I are sending you loving prayers and you honor Greg's passing.
   Love, Joan

Michael, Michael, Michael, 

   How my heart hurts for your loss and soars for your peace.  A gracious man has left us but left a path for us to see with kindness, a gentle spirit, love and compassion.  May the days ahead be filled with new discoveries and forgotten past ones. Our thoughts and love are with you, Michael. 
   Elaine and Ticket

   So Sorry for your loss.  Gregory was indeed a beautiful person!  Your email came as a shock but was touching and as always very well written.  I am happy he is at peace and you will be in my prayers as you go thru the grieving process.
I'm sorry I will be out of town this weekend but I hope to see you soon.

  I am so sorry to hear the news. You are a saint. Oddly, I had been thinking about both of you for about a week now.  Keeping you in my thoughts

   I’m absolutely heartbroken to hear about Greg. I know this wasn’t entirely unexpected, but I don’t think you can ever truly be ready. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m really looking forward to the celebration on Sunday. Greg truly deserves a joyous send off.
   I’m running out of the office early, but I’m going to try my best to give you a call tomorrow. Please know you’re in my thoughts.
   With love,

Dear Michael,
   Thinking of you and so glad to see you mentioning the Chopin Ballad and Kaddish. What an appropriate way to define the Maire and Horvich bond. As a recovering Catholic myself I can't tell you how much the Kaddish meant to me when I went to the funerals of dear friends in Evanston, Chicago, and Bloomington.
   I will call tomorrow after I drop my friend off at the airport.  We are both buddies and we can talk honestly like you and I do.
   Love and beautiful memories, Barb


   My condolences on your great loss. Please keep us abreast on your great work about a killer disease.
   Sincerely, Steve (Julia's son ).

   Sorry to hear of your loss Michael. I like the idea of you having a guardian angel.  I'm wondering how that will pan out for you. I knew someone who swore her guardian angel kept her from having a second piece of lasagna.  One chapter has ended and another begins. I hope the transition is as easy as it can be for you. You'll be in my thoughts.

Dear Michael,
   On Sundays, at our Unitarian church we have as part of the ceremony what is called "joys and concerns" Members of the congregation get up, light a candle at the front of the church, introduce themselves if they want and express a joy, concern or sadness. One also can just light a candle with no words. After the candles are lit, the congregation sits in silence holding in our hearts all those who lit candles andr all those whose joys and concerns were too tender or unformed. This Sunday I will light two candles, one for Gregory and one for you. As you would say,  "Love ya!'

Oh Michael,
   I'm so very sad to hear this! I only met your life-long partner once, but you and Gregory seem to have created and enjoyed a magical relationship. How very fortunate you both were! Not fortunate in the oh-so-special relationship, because I imagine that took a lot of work, especially towards the end, but fortunate that you met and spent most of your life with your perfect loving soul-mate. May you continue to find joy in the years ahead as you say, with Gregory's spirit at your side!

   Gregory was an Angel, with a bit of devil, here and he will be missed Micheal. I will be honored to be come and help celebrate his life and light. Both still shine.


   My thoughts andprayers are with you. You and Greg are lucky to have shared such a beautiful love. Be well-

Dear Michael.  
   I am so sorry to hear about Gregory's passing.  The two of you had such a loving and beautiful relationship.  It was always so heartwarming to be with the two of you.  I know it has been a difficult journey but both of you handled it with grace and a straight forward manner to make it as tolerable as possible.
   I am sorry that I cannot be there to share some of the wonders of Gregory.  I am in Texas at my son's home until November 10th.  I will be thinking of you.  My best to you during this time of sadness,
   Most sincerely, Lynda 

   We all love you andGreg, Michael, and we celebrate our good fortune in having you both in our lives. See you Sunday, 
   Sharon and Michael

Dear Michael. 
   I am so sorry to hear about Gregory's passing.  The two of you had such a loving and beautiful relationship.  It was always so heartwarming to be with the two of you.  I know it has been a difficult journey but both of you handled it with grace and a straight forward manner to make it as tolerable as possible.
   I am sorry that I cannot be there to share some of the wonders of Gregory.  I am in Texas at my son's home until November 10th.  I will be thinking of you.  My best to you during this time of sadness,
   Most sincerely, Lynda 

Michael, one of my favorite memories as well was when all the windows in the houses were open and we could also enjoy the magic of Gregory playing the piano. He was terrific. I also loved when the piano movers creatively moved the piano with a crane from one house to the other. I wish we a picture of that.  

Dear Michael,
   I met with Wanda today to review the photos I had taken at the Sukkot Party with Jeff and Janis, and she told me that Greg has passed away on Sunday.  Please know that I share your sorrow, and extend heartfelt sympathy to your families, friends and of course Manny.  
Wanda mentioned that you will have a memorial on Sunday.  I'm attaching the special photograph that I took on Sept. 27th in case the reprints don't reach you in time.  
With fond remembrance, Jan

Dear Michael
   Please accept my most sincere condolences on the loss of your best friend and life partner. Even when it is expected, death is never easy.  You and Gregory are both in my thoughts and prayers.  Please let me know if I can be of any help to you.
   I wish that I could attend your open house on Sunday, but I am “doing the lights” for Sam and her fiancee’s opera performance at the Bridgeport Art Center at that same time.  
I will be thinking of you on Sunday, though.
   With sympathy and warm regards,

   I may have shared with you that I keep Mark safe in his travels by imagining his big, precious, handsome melon (head) in a bubble.  It’s only his head and he has a big smile on his face and whenever I’m worried about road conditions or him driving on no sleep, scary airline disasters, etc., I push these thoughts away by immediately picturing him safe in his bubble.
   There was a story on the news this morning about a Delta flight that had to make an emergency landing after takeoff yesterday because a bird flew into the engine and it shut down and caught on fire!  I did my usual and pictured the sacred bubble and whose angelic face should appear next to Mark’s but Gregory’s and he said, “I’ve got this.”
   I love you,

Tenderly may time heal your sorrow. 
Gently may friends ease your pain. 
Softly may peace replace heartaches. 
And may warmest memories remain. 
   No need to reply. Know we're thinking of you. Always here for support. 
   Much love, Lauren

I hope and pray that you find strength during this time. Lauren and I love you  both. We will continue to pray for you. We will all miss Greg though your loss is special and your grieving so much more. Stay strong and know you are an inspiration to those near and far to you. I truly wish we could be there. We hope to see you soon.

Dear Michael,
   I was so sad when I heard the news about Gregory. The two of you have been on my mind all week. I hope that you are finding comfort in the decades of stories, adventures, love and memories you two shared. 
   I will not be able to attend your open house today. I'm headed to Michigan to help care for my father for a couple of days. I'm sorry to miss you but know that we'll connect soon on our and for a Gregory memorial at CCM. 
  Be well. Take care, Jennifer

My dear Michael,

   I'm so sorry that I didn't reply to this before yesterday. I was involved with the Evanston Storytelling Festival all weekend and couldn't make it to the open house. I sent you a card which you should receive soon.
   I have been thinking of you. I always related to your caregiving concerns because of my mother's Alzheimer's, of course. You are a wonderful example of true love and giving. I've occasionally read your blog and was grateful for the sharing that was a gift to all of your readers.
   Please know that Jonathan and I send our condolences and wishes for a gentle pathway to open up as you walk through each new day.
   Love, Anne

   So sorry to hear about Gregory…
I can't imagine what this loss means to you; you two have been on quite a journey together. I don't know if I can be at your open house this Sunday, but please accept my sympathy - along with my admiration for a wonderful love story.
   All the best,

Dear Michael, 
   I was so sorry to hear about Gregory's passing.  Thank you for your beautiful notice transmitted to the Lieberman Family Council and your tribute to Gregory and your relationship.   I'm glad for the comfort both of you received in his final days.  Midwest thankfully supported me through two deaths last year at Lieberman, and I unexpectedly took them up on individual grief counseling in between. 
   You were a remarkable presence at Lieberman - perhaps you'll stay connected to the Family Council.   
   With heartfelt condolences and best wishes to you, Barry

Hi Michael,
   Your patience and care for Gregory was inspiring and touching.  I will always remember how you shouldered such an immense burden with so much grace, compassion and love. You are a strong man, and very brave. 

Dear Michael,
Please accept my condolences for the loss of Gregory in your life. I didn’t want to send this note in an email (just doesn’t seem right), but I don’t have your address. You and Greg have been so open in sharing your experience of Alzheimer’s with all your friends and acquaintances, it has been a beautiful example of grace through adversity. You have shown us all how to live.
Sending you love and thanks, Lois

(Donation to Casa Norte)

Dear Michael,
Please accept our most sincere condolences. You can rest assured that you made sure that he was loved and cared for throughout your time together. 
We are here for you.
Hank and Marilyn G

(Donation to Casa Norte)

Dearest Michael,
We are honored to make a donation to the More Than Ever Education Fund in memory of Gregory. Gregory touched, and will continue to touch, many hearts.
With Love, 

Joe, Cathy, Alex and Lily E

(Donation to Casa Norte)
Con Mucho Amor, 
Domnic A

(Donation to Casa Norte)

Fred and I are so sorry for your loss. Please accept our sympathy & condolences.
Barb B

(Donation to Casa Norte)

Dear Michael:
What an extraordinary way to honor and remember Greg! We are pleased to contribute in his memory.
Amy and Michael S

(Donations to Casa Norte)

Rita Me
Heidi S
Mark and Bonie M
Rita Mo
Robyn G
Rose B
Lisa & Gerald P
Barbara D

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