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Friday, October 2, 2015

Gregory II

It is so heard to believe it all. You know it is coming but then your are surprised. The pneumonia seems to be winning and Gregory has slept all day yesterday and today. Therefore he is unable to eat or drink. His fever was high but came down as the day passed. His pulse is fast, his blood pressure low, his breathing shallow, his oxygen level (even with using oxygen) is low. His cough has calmed with the help of morphine drops under his tongue. His breathing, while labored, is even and he is not at all distressed. I wish you could see his face which is calm and at peace as an angel's. Peaceful the bear is snuggly nestled in Gregory's arms.

I called many family and friends in the area to give them a heads up and to let them know that if they wanted to say goodbye, now was the time. Not only were they devastated but so were the Lieberman administration, nurses, staff. The kitchen manager brought up a basket of fruit, water, and juices. The ladies who do laundry said their goodbyes. The managers of many departments came to give their sorrows and regards.

All the CNAs were truly sad, said their goodbyes to Gregory and gave me heartfelt hugs. Family members of other residents who heard dropped by. One resident family member brought me hot chicken soup, a sandwich, and a bottle of soda. Over the morning and afternoon hours, at least 10 friends sat with us.

The hospice rabbi, who was off today, came in anyway to sit with us. The hospice nurse as well as the Lieberman nurses were in and out of the room checking on Gregory to make sure he was comfortable. The hospice social worker went out of her way to make sure I was OK.

Manny was there as was Halina, Gregory's private care workers. The Director of Nursing called me to offer her support. I was overwhelmed by the support showered on Gregory and me at this difficult time. Together, Gregory and I took Lieberman by storm and left a great impression on all who came in contact with us. They are all grieving with me, sad for us, happy for Gregory.

I left around five and Manny left around six. Gregory was resting comfortably and the nurses would check him every half hour. If he seemed in distress they would increase his morphine. My gut told me that after a long day of people sharing their love and grief, Gregory would enjoy the peace and quiet.

I also felt that by my being there he would sense my emotions and sorrow and be hesitant to leave us. I said my goodbyes, gave Gregory permission (if he needed it) to move on to his next adventure without having to worry about me. Sure I would miss him like crazy but I didn't want him to stay on just for me. He could go when he was ready.

As soon as I know more, I will write the next post.


  1. Cousin Michael.......I talked to Libbe tonight. I just want you to know that Bruce and I are keeping you and Greg in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. We love you and if there is anything we can do, please let us know. I will come back here for updates and pray for the best.

    1. Linda and Bruce, Thank you. I will call when Gregory passes (or if we get through this which doesn't look hopeful.) Love you much.

  2. You're in my thoughts and my heart


    1. Your thoughts from afar make me feel better, Thank you.


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