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Thursday, October 1, 2015


Every day for the last two years, a good will emissary has stationed herself in front of The Lieberman Center's main entrance for a good part of the day. Outside on good days, just inside the front door on inclement days. 

With a somewhat raspy "Hello," or "How ya doing'?" she greets the comers and goers. Often the conversation will drift into the inevitable discussion of the weather: too cold, too hot, too much sun, rainy, etc. As she gets to know you she will add a personal comment line: "How's your friend doing?" Or "Nice haircut."

Once in a while I would offer and get accepted to administer a loving kiss, usually with a "scratchy beard" comment. She was grateful when I remembered her birthday (which is on Vetran's Day) with a flag.

Shirley has been living on the sixth floor nursing care unit but in her wheel chair is fairly active, very alert, intelligent, and wise!

This is what life at Lieberman Center is like. So many "friends" and family of friends, and nurses, and CNA's, and workers of all kinds. Loving, happy to see you, usually smiling.

As of today, there is only sunshine at Lieberman's front door. Shirley left us this morning unexpectedly. She had not been ill that I know of.  Having passed herself, she will be missed by her many passers by.

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