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Monday, October 12, 2015

This is the text from Michael's comments to the over 100 people who attended yesterday's Memorial for Gregory in the Community Room at Gregory and Michael's condo in Evanston:

First, Thank you all for joining us today. 
Next, Let me acknowledge Manny Kagatan, who developed a very special bond and love for Gregory over the last twenty months of caring for him at the Lieberman Center in Skokie.
Manny gave Gregory love, and comfort, and joy, and music, and hope in a way that only someone … if they were not already a saint then for sure a highly placed angel … could.
Next, La Casa Norte, a not for profit providing support to homeless youth and families, who will administrate the More Than Ever Education Fund created by Gregory and me. If you would like to make a donation you can do so at the sign in table or online.
You will be hearing more about the roll-out of the More Than Ever Education Fund at the First Annual Casa Norte Education Fund luncheon in the spring.
Finally, In many ways Gregory and I would not be the people we have been without all of you in our lives. You have been a gift and a blessing to us.

This is a Celebration of Gregory’s Passing, NOT a Celebration of his Life. That is a different story which will be told later and over time.
Gregory died with serenity, peace, compassion, and love in a way that was his last gift of love to all of us.

Shedding his earthly body has freed Gregory from all that was the Dementia … Alzheimer’s. While his body and mind struggled for twelve years, he also had and gave much joy during that time and his soul … spirit … was never diminished. 

He is now free to dance again and to fly and to sing and to play his beloved piano.

We love you.

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