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Monday, October 19, 2015

Alzheimer's: A Love Story Documentary Takes Three Prizes at the Laguna Film Festival

The first-ever Laguna Film Festival has awarded 19 short films among jury and audience award categories. The festival ran October 16-18 and was founded by 18-year-old filmmaker Austin Fickman. 
"This weekend and this festival have blown me away," said Fickman in a statement. "To be able to provide an environment for filmmakers of short films to have their films screened, meet and talk with other directors and producers, and have a cool experience is a dream come true. The support from the community, people from many branches of the entertainment industry, as well as my family and friends, is truly priceless."
The jury deciding the winning films included Andy Fickman (Director/Producer/Writer, Oops Doughnuts Productions), Betsy Sullenger (Producer, Oops Doughnuts Productions), Phillip Raskind (WME, Partner), Michael Wimer (Executive Producer, 2012), Meredith Wechter (Feature Film Agent, WME) and Elissa Leeds (Manager, Reel Talent Management), among others.
The Jury Awards included:
Best of the Fest Short Film: "Alzheimers: A Love Story," directed by Gabe Schimmel, Monica Petruzzelli, Amanda Le and Riani Singgih
Best of the Fest Film School Student Short: "The Magic Shows," directed by Sahand Nikoukar
Best Animated Short: "Cry of the Fox," directed by Jason Ronzani and Ning Xu
Best Comedy Short: "Twisted," directed by Stuart Bowen
Best Documentary Short: "Alzheimers: A Love Story"
Best Drama Short: "Unspoken," directed by Eric Otten
Best Experimental Short: "Effort," directed by Kuesti Fraun
Best Horror Short: "Night of the Slasher," directed by Shant Hamassian
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short: "Prism," directed by Jackson Miller
Best Youth Filmmaker: "Tree Hugger," directed by Kira Bursky
Best Film School Student Film: "Alison and Jeremy," directed by Alyxandra Press
The Audience Awards included:
Best Documentary: "Alzheimers: A Love Story"
Best Animated Short: "Cry the Fox"
Best Drama Short: "Unspoken"
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short: "The Looking Planet," directed by Eric Anderson
Best Comedy Short: "Murphy's Law," directed Alexander Fichera 
Best Horror Short: "Don't Let Them In," directed by David Lawrence
Best Youth-Produced Short: "Tree Hugger"
Film School Student Short: "The Magic Shoes"

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