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Monday, October 26, 2015

The More Than Ever Education Fund as of 11/01/15

A number of people have asked about what they can do to remember Gregory. Contributions may be made to:
The More Than Ever Education Fund (MTE.) Created by Gregory Maire and Michael Horvich and administrated by La Casa Norte, a non-profit supporting homeless youth and families. Make your check payable to La Casa Norte (MTE,) 3533 West North Avenue, Chicago 60647 or donate online at For more information e-mail Michael or leave a comment here.

The following contributions have been made to La Casa Norte in memory of Gregory. A very generous, gracious contribution total amount of  $2,770 has been given in his memory so far. Thanks one and all. You have made me, and Gregory in his new role, and the student's who have yet to receive the More Than Ever Education Fund's scholarships awards, very happy! Thank you!

Hank and Marilyn G
Joe, Cathy, Alex and Lily E
Domnic A
Barb B and Fred T
Amy and Michael S
Rita Me
Heidi S
Mark and Bonie M
Rita Mo
Robyn G
Rose B
Lisa and Gerald P
Barbara D
Luba A
Cheryl A
George P
Nancy G and Kenneth F
Roger Z
Anne S
Bronfman E.L. Rothschild
Laureen and  Kevin W
Kristina Tober
Daniel W and David K
Ken C
Scot L
Corinne P
Wendy S and James S
Robert and Floriana B-L
Dorothy J
Ken C
Robyn G
Michael S
Marc S and Alan H
Cash donations at the Memorial Party


  1. Thanks Susan. Still blogging. Still grieving. Still missing Gregory. And after 40 years it should be so!


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