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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gregory's Memorial - Oct 11, 2015

Gregory's memorial celebration took place in the Community Room of our condo. More than 100 people attended and the energy level, conversation, sharing, reminiscing, et al caused the ceiling to raise up. 

People came and went, inside and outside, ate and noshed, coffee, hot tea, lemonade, ice tea, pastries overflowing and filling several tables.

People traveled from the neighborhood; Chicago as well as far north, west and south suburbs; Racine, WI; Ann Arbor, MI; Washington, D.C.; and Point Reyes Station CA. 

Groups represented Blood Family, Current Condo Family, Old Neighborhood Family, Jeromes Restaurant Family, Gay Family, Lieberman Family, The Lyric Opera of Chicago Family, La Casa Norte Chicago Family, my dentist, my yoga teacher/guru, my personal gym trainer, and probably a few others I apologize for not mentioning. 

These photos taken by myself, Ames Family, Manny, Skolnik Family, Halina, and others. More photos to come in a later post as taken by Jake. 

See below for a close up video of these photos of Gregory 

Manny, Robert, Naomi, and Howard: Lieberman Family

Michael, wearing his three strands of black pearls (plastic) and Manny with his proverbial sun glasses :-)

Reunion of Jerome's Restaurant Family

Some of our Gay Family

Good buddy Roger

Susan (in from California) joining guests on terrace.
Later it was full!

Michael with partners Kaye and Susan (from Ann Arbor, MI) Tracey and "my older aunt Delores"

Halina, our housekeeper of some twenty years ago, recently a caregiver for Gregory at Lieberman and again helping me keep the condo clean.  She used to be housekeeper for Danny and David as well

Sheryl, Larry, Halina, Michael, and God Daughter Whitney. Halina used to be housekeeper for their family as well.

Here is a video of the photographs of Gregory from toddler to today. It may take a little longer to load.

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