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Friday, October 9, 2015

The Technology of Life

Humor helps during times like this and over the twelve years sharing the Dementia/ Alzheimer's path with Gregory, I have developed a number of "sound bites" to describe transitions, experiences, attitudes.

After Gregory died and I said goodbye to the beautiful temple that was his body and home for 67 years, I developed this technological sound bite which helps me deal with his passing.

I have been referring to Gregory Version 1.0 to reflect the Gregory I have known and loved for the last 40+ years. All the minor changes through his life would be Version 1.1, 1.2, 3.1-2-3, 7.8, 9.9 etc.

Gregory Version 2.0 as his body lay in his bed at Lieberman, at rest but definitely an empty vessel. I was worried that I would not be able to face him this way, but it was still my Greggy and I was able to hold his still warm hand, kiss his lips, and sit with him a while.

Gregory Version 3 as “Gregory in a Box” or his cremated remains. This part's experience is yet to be determined. I pick him up today and am a little frightened at how I will deal with it. His "carbon footprint" will rest in his favorite Grandma Carrie's Sewing Box. In a future blog, I'll post of photograph of this beautiful antique piece at a later date and fill you in Gregory and Carrie's loving relationship.


Gregory Version 4 as my Guardian Angel. I am sure he will be "large" enough to your Guardian Angel as well so feel free to ask him to be there for you!

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