PLEASE NOTE: Even though this blog is now dormant there are many useful, insightful posts. Scroll back from the end or forward from the beginning. Also, check out my writer's blog. Periodically I will add posts here if they provide additional information about living well with Dementia / Alzheimer's Disease.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

CURRENT UPDATE - October 12, 2016

It has been along time since I posted anything on this site. Due to several of my presentations it has picked up hits again and is averaging 100-200 hits per day. While the blog is dormant, it contains many useful posts and I am pleased to see it serving again as a reference to so many.

A reminder that when I moved away from the "Alzheimer's BLOG" and back to my "Writer's BLOG," I did so because with Gregory's death, Alzheimer's and supporting him was no longer the biggest part of my life.

If I was to grieve his death and revitalize my individual life in a healthy way, i.e. not holding on to the past, I needed to move on and to move away from the subject of Alzheimer's.

That does not mean that I no longer think about the Alzheimer's, talk about it, support the sharing of information about it, or advocate for those with the disease.

This is an invitation to you to visit my writer's blog which deals with the grieving process and how my life has changed and continued since Gregory's death.

It also will keep you informed on the documentary "ALZHEIMER'S: A Love Story" which at this point has been accepted to 52 film festivals across the U.S. and World (2 in London, 1 in UK, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Florence, Madrid, Mexico City, Durbin South Africa.) It has won 27 awards!

Click here to visit the writer's blog (opens in a new window) and don't forget to bookmark it for future reading: