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Monday, October 12, 2015

Technologically Speaking: Revisited

Humor helps during times like this and over the twelve years sharing the Dementia/ Alzheimer's path with Gregory, I have developed a number of "sound bites" to describe transitions, experiences, attitudes.

Also, humor related, Gregory and I laughed a lot. Even when he had very little or no language left, something would happen, or he or I would say something, and we would both get the giggles, like to pee our pants!

After Gregory died and I said goodbye to the beautiful temple that was his body and home for 67 years, I developed this technological sound bite which helps me deal with his passing. Over the last several days I have been fine tuning it.

I have been referring to Gregory Version 1.0 to reflect the Gregory I have known and loved for the last 40+ years. All the changes through his life would be Version 1.1, 1.2, 3.1-2-3, 7.8, 9.9 through Version 9.999 etc.

Gregory Version 2.0 was Gregory during the 10 years he lived with Dementia/Alzheimer's at home with me at the condo. There were many upgrades (or downgrades) for this version as well.

Gregory Version 3.0 was Gregory during the close to 2 years he lived at the Lieberman Center for Health and Rehabilitation on the Special Memory Care Unit. There were fewer upgrades with this version.

Gregory Version 4.0 was as Gregory lie comfortably and peacefully in his room in his bed preparing to leave this world. There were even fewer upgrades with this version if only because by now he was close to perfection.

Gregory Version 5 as his body lay in his bed at Lieberman, at rest but definitely an empty vessel. I was worried that I would not be able to face him this way, but it was still my Greggy and I was able to hold his still warm hand, kiss his lips, and sit with him a while.

Gregory Version 6 as “Gregory in a Box” or his cremated remains. I was frightened of this experience as well but it turned out to be loving, comforting, and easy. His "carbon footprint" rests in his favorite Grandma Carrie's Sewing Box. The final Version will entail returning his remains to his favorite place that held his favorite activity: Swimming in Lake Michigan. I'll know when it is time to take Gregory to the beach.


Gregory Version 7 as my Guardian Angel. I am sure he will be "large" enough to be your Guardian Angel as well so feel free to ask him to be there for you!

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