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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Gregory III

I am home, my god-son is staying with me and also spent yesterday and today at the Lieberman Center. 

Many friends have come through and many of the staff, administrators, cleaners, laundry ladies etc have come through to say goodbye to Gregory and to hug me, many crying on my shoulder.

I left at 5, with G in the good hands of the nurses who will check every hour. He is resting so peacefully and while his face is a little drawn and gaunt, he looks like an angel.

I believe that he will leave when I am not there if only because if I am there, he will sense me and my love and that will complicate it for him to let go. 

Before I left, I crawled gently into bed, put my head lightly on his chest, and we talked. I gave him permission to leave assuring him I would be OK. I apologized, telling him I knew that he already forgave long ago me for the times I was mean or frustrated or acted out of anger and fear, but that I needed to once more to make myself feel better.

I told him how much he means to me, how much he has influenced my life, thanked him for encouraging me to be not only myself but more of myself, and told him that I would continue talking to him when he left and maybe I would in one way or another hear from him.

I got out of bed, kissed him all over his face, then kissed his open, shallow breathing lips three times. On the third time he kissed me back! One final Monumental Momentary Miracle.


  1. God bless you Michael. I hope you have a restful night. Love you.

    1. Interesting, I slept like a baby last night. Love you too.

  2. That kiss was not one final miracle, Michael. You and Greg were and will continue to be one on-going miracle, a remarkable inspiration to all who know you of how best to love. That miracle outlives Greg and will outlive you..

    1. Your comments are very appreciated. Gregory has shed his Dementia/Alzheimer’s limitations and can fly again. I am happy.


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