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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Miracles

Here is a listing of all the miracles I have experienced, sent by Gregory since he passed on October 4, 2015. All open in a new window so you won't get lost. I will update this post as new miracles take place.
• • •
1) The Kiss

2) The Candle

3) The Dream

4) The Meeting

5) The Bear

6) The Christmas Moon


  1. Thank you for sharing some very personal observations with those of us reading here.

    Are you familiar with the writings of the late Michael Shernoff who sometimes wrote in a kind of 'been there, done that' manner along with clinical observations? I refer to his book on Widowers.

    I learned today that 'Repacking Your Bags' by Leider and Shapiro was rewritten in 2007. I have the older version. It's always interesting to see how writers' vision changes with the passage of time.

    1. Thanks Jean. I am familiar with Mr. Shernoff. His work is mostly grieving loss of partners through AIDS from the period when gat men were dying in great numbers. At that time it was still thought of as the "Gay Disease." Were now know better. Interesting that you like to observe how writers' visions change over time. I barely have time to keep up with current writing :0)

  2. Notions change over time about everything, or we'd still be eating grits for breakfast.

    I remember wondering back in the mid-eighties why we kept trying to re-orient confused elderly to our reality. A woman in a nursing home in a small town where I was visiting asked, "What are those people out there doing?" She pointed to the vast empty lawn. "I dunno, what do you think they are doing?" She answered, "Picking peas," and we moved on to other things.

    Not until the end of the century did health care clinically start to, as my brother liked to say, "enter into THEIR reality."


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