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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Sparrow

Republishing this. Received this from my friend Roy whose sister lived with and recently died of Alzheimer's. The message in the video he sent was a poignant one. It is included here with the text. 

The Sparrow

Father: "What is that?"

Son: "A Sparrow"

Father: "What is that?"

Son: "I just told you, It's a a sparrow"

Father: "What is that?"

Son. Agitated: "A sparrow father. S   p   a   r   r   o   w"

Father: "What is that?"

Son with anger: "Why are you doing this?  I told you so many times, it's a sparrow. Don't you get it?"

Father gets up. 

Son: "Where are you going?"

Father signals with his hand "Wait a minute," goes into house, and returns with a book which he hands to the son. It is apparently a diary from the father's earlier days. The son looks at the book.

Dad: "Read ... aloud."

Son: "Today my youngest son who a few days ago turned three was sitting with me at the park when a sparrow sat in front of us. My son asked 21 times what it was and I answered 21 times that it was ... a sparrow. I hugged him every time he asked me the same question. Again and again ... without getting mad ... feeling affection for my little boy."

The son looks thoughtful for a moment, puts his arm around his father, pulls him in with a hug and kisses his head ...

Helped me. Hope it helps you.


  1. It is a helpful video. I am grateful that our son spent 8 hours here on Sunday mostly with his Dad. He came for church, we went to eat. I told the hostess, '2 old people and their little boy.' He told her the little boy was old too. They went to the north end of the farm for target practice and spent hours talking. Nobody with him this trip to hurry him away.

    1. Sounds like a lovely day! You are fortunate.


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