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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Grief and Balance

As I have been told, there will be many firsts in life. Usually firsts are to be celebrated. I am looking for a way to celebrate my first Christmas in 40 years without Gregory. Not pushing myself to think about how I'll spend the actual holiday. Maybe I'll spend it at Lieberman, Gregory's last home, spreading joy to the residents?

I have decorated the condo for the holiday but minimally when compared to previous years. I have not baked any cookies but my taste buds are trying to convince me to make at least a few. Haven't purchased many gifts for people but will make my Ina Garten's Rosemary Cashews as gifts for family and friends.

Rang in the season at Roger's annual Christmas party on December 5th. Enjoyed the Christkindlmarket in downtown Chicago which my niece Colleen Maire.We bought German glass ornaments, ate potato pancakes with sour cream and apple sauce, and munched a Bratwurst. Bought myself a new computer and have been enjoying using it in and organizing my new office, the table in the living room which used to be Gregory's workspace. Looking forward to finishing the reading corner in the bedroom, replacing the computer desk that used to be in there, with a comfy chair, lamp, and additional bookcase

Will probably spend dinner with various friends over the next weeks and look forward to that. Bought but haven't wrapped new mice for Emma and Gigi. Feeling the joy of Christmas on one shoulder and Gregory's absence on the other. But somehow that creates a balance.

I will continue to grieve for a while yet ... but slowly, very slowly I am being able to think about past memories, both happy and sad, with both joy and sorrow, while carving the path of my future. 


  1. About the time you wrote this post, there was an exchange between two childhood friends, one newly widowed:

    "For a year, all you do is a "first time" without Mickey. Especially holidays.Shed your tears,wipe your face and carry on. Remember the good times.You and your family [are] in our Prayers."

    I was transported back in time and knew without a doubt, these were her grandmother's words.


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