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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Putting Grief Aside

This was my response to Faith who several times on her Facebook page has asked those of us who love someone with Dementia/ Alzheimer's to put our grief aside.

Faith, There is a grief that one must carry when love is present. I agree that we should not miss the precious moments that we can still have together but know that grief can be a sign of great love and sorrow. We are losing what is never really ours to own and is never permanent anyway but that does not make the sorrow any less. At times grief must be set aside so as to continue celebrating life. Often when I needed to really cry, since I would be wet anyway I took a shower in an effort to hide my tears from Gregory! I agree that some relish their grief and wave it like a banner at the cost to the person for whom they are grieving but when done well, grief is a necessary component of caring, love, and loss for both the person living with Dementia/ Alzheimer's and for the people loving and living with them.

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