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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Gregory, There You Are All Over

Most of Gregory's ashes are resting in Grandma Carrie's Sewing Box. A lovely home that would have meant a lot to him since Carrie was one of his favorite people when he was growing up.

At first, when I thought about sharing his ashes with others I felt a little uncomfortable "breaking up the set." Then I realized that Gregory always easily spread his love to most everyone which whom he came in contact, so why not now share the "essence" of Gregory with just as much ease?

I distributed the first handful of ashes at the Botanic Garden. Gregory and I always loved visiting there so I have many fond memories of our visits. Besides the rose garden, the waterfall and Japanese Island were his favorites. This was the first "Gregory Sharing."

Next, Colleen Maire, Gregory's Niece-In-Law took Gregory to Kellogg Forest. Click here to see her discussion of the experience and for more photos of the second "Gregory Sharing." Click here to read Colleens post. (Opens in a new window.)

The third "Gregory Sharing," not necessarily in any order expect maybe date of distribution, was done by niece Renee. The piano pictured below first belonged to Gregory's mom, Renee's grandma Helen Maire. Then it belonged to Gregory while he was in college and graduate school. Then the piano lived with Renee while she still lived at home with her mom and dad,  Mark Sr and Diane. Then the piano was shipped to Evanston where it lived with Gregory and me for many years. Finally, when Gregory wanted to buy himself a brand spanking new Grand Piano, it was shipped back to Renee who by now had her own home and family and there it remains with Gregory keeping it company.

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