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Saturday, November 14, 2015

I Am Grateful

I am grateful that:

-Gregory no longer has to live with Alzheimer's.

-I no longer have to live with Alzheimer's.

-Gregory died peacefully.

-Gregory never became non-responsive until his last four days.

-Gregory was able to let go of life in four short days.

-Medicaid was approved in three short weeks.

-we were able to find our condo where Gregory enjoyed living in downtown Evanston for close to five years.

-I continue to enjoy calling the 807 Davis Street condo my (our) home.

-Gregory didn't seem to be in physical pain for most of his 12 years with dementia.

-Gregory was in good health.

-Ernie was able to help Gregory reconnect with his body during massage sessions.

-so many people were loyal to Gregory and visited as often as they were able.

-Gregory remembered who I was until the end.

-Gregory never forgot my name.

-Gregory continued to enjoy his chocolates.

-Gregory was able to enjoy music.

-Gregory and Manny developed a loving relationship.

-Manny appeared in our life to support Gregory.

-we were able to afford Manny's services for close to two years.

-Gregory enjoyed his three square meals a day.

-Gregory stayed on his "regular" diet and didn't have to move to "mechanical" or "puree" food.

-Gregory still enjoyed watching TV.

-Gregory's spirit and soul always seemed to be present.

-Gregory rarely got angry.

-Gregory said he was happy at Lieberman.

-everybody at Lieberman loved Gregory and paid him a lot of attention.

-we were able to travel to Italy, Spain, France, Mexico and around the U.S. after Gregory's diagnosis.

-we had a loving support group in family and friends.

-the Lieberman Center provided such good care for Gregory.

-Midwest Hospice and Gita and Elisabeth provided such good care for Gregory.

-the doctors, nurses, CNAs, and staff at Lieberman provided such good care for Gregory.

-we found each other and instantly fell in love 40+ years ago.

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