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Monday, November 2, 2015

Call for Study Participants

I received this call for study participants from an organization who came across this blog. Their site looks good and their research intentions appear to be on the "up and up." However, I am not recommending or referring anyone based on my first hand experience with them and take no responsibility posting this. As in any situation, careful study and asking questions is your guide to making good decisions.
Fondly, Michael

 Hi Michael,

I came across your blog and its dedication to Alzheimer’s disease.  (AD) 

My partner and I own a clinical research facility on the corner of Foster and Ashland.   We’ve been open over a year, though our staff has many years of experience.  

We’re currently conducting several Alzheimer’s trials and have several more in our pipeline.  Two current trials are for those already with mild to moderate AD and a third (opening soon!) is an AD prevention trial called A4.

A4 is sponsored the the National Institute of Health (NIH).  This trial is for those 65 and over who are healthy and not showing signs of AD.  PET scans and MRI’s are used to see if those screening have the signs of AD in their brains (plaque/Amyloid/tangles), though not yet showing signs of the disease.  An investigational medication is being used to see if AD can be stopped before it becomes symptomatic.   

All three trials that we’re doing are designed to stop, slow down or prevent AD from happening.  Instead of treating only symptoms, these are “disease altering investigational medications.”  There’s NOTHING on the market now that attempts to do that.  If I had AD, I’d enter a clinical trial because there is nothing to stop it from progressing and by entering a clinical trial, I might be able to benefit from it, but for sure, others will too.

We are having a very hard time recruiting volunteers for our trials.  We don’t know why, but we need a number of people who have AD already for us to continue this valuable research in the hopes of finding a cure.   

Is there anyway you can help us get the word out?  It seems like such a waste that this option is available to people with AD, though few are taking advantage of it.

Thanks for you time reading this.   D

Dean Hervochon, Executive Vice President
Great Lakes Clinical Trials
5149 North Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640 USA
Mobile:  (773) 454-1312
Phone:  (773) 275-3500
Fax: (773) 275-3501

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