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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Condo Changes

I am writing this BLOG from the new home of my computer, on the living room "Library Table."

When Gregory and I moved into the condo this was our dining room table but for the most part we ate on the stools at the kitchen counter.

When we entertained, we would set the table as it sat against the wall and when dinner was announced, we would pull the table out from the wall. Easy peezy.

On a daily basis, Gregory used the table as his "office" and mine was in the bedroom. Slowly his table became a place for his collections as well. (I think he began collecting in response to and in deference to my collecting, which as you know is monumental!)

When we had more than four people to dinner, we started not wanting to clean off the table of all the collections. So we would leave it against the wall, sit four on the front facing the wall, and his collections) and one on each side. The table is large enough to easily accommodate six people in this way.

Finally, hate to admit it, we stopped entertaining more than four to sit down dinners. Too much trouble. If we were having more than four, we would do buffet which was much easier considering the ample counter space on the kitchen island and the wall counter behind.

When Gregory moved to The Lieberman Center, I made the Library Table my "high touch" place to read, be creative, etc with my "high tech" place still in the bedroom with computer, files, etc.

Over time, the Library Table has become a dust collecting collection collection. I wanted to make better use of it so have decided to move my computer out here, minimize my need for filing baskets, pen holders, messiness etc.

I plan on replacing my 9 year old computer with a new iMac 27" and the new 27" will not fit into the bedroom computer cabinet. Thus my "high tech" office joins forces with my "high touch" Library Table!

Everything will be stored in the filing cabinet end table next to the space. Supplies etc will be stored in my closet. Printing will be wireless as will backup and internet, so I hope to minimize equipment, cords, and electrical wires.

In the bedroom, in place of where the computer used to live, I am going to put a tall bookcase (never enough room for books) and create a reading corner with a comfortable chair, side table, and lamp.

When everything is in place, I'll add some photos. Meanwhile, I think I am going to love the new arrangement. As Pee Wee Herman says, "Then why don't you marry it?"

I might!

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