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Monday, February 10, 2014


Mark and Colleen visited this weekend from Battle Creek Michigan. The visit was a difficult one because it was the first time Gregory's niece and nephew had witnessed him in his new, greatly deteriorated state. Also Gregory had been in the hospital for three days prior to their visit, was then transferred back to Lieberman on the day they visited, and he was weak and more than usually "out of it" after his Grand Mal Seizure and newly prescribed Dilantin.

Did he know them? I would say yes, he recognized them, was happy to see them, and interacted with them. (Minimally but that's an OK thing.) Could he explain who they are? Probably not but that doesn't really matter. Was there any in depth conversation or interaction? No, that doesn't happen anymore with anyone including yours truly. Did we have a good time? No, he was in bed and we sat there. So a good time - no, an important time - yes!

Visitors are important to Gregory if only because they are in the room and provide some distraction from his routine. It shows him people care and love him. He can pick up on their smiling face and loving hugs. He knows there is more to his world than just him and/or me.

So if you want to visit Gregory, that would be great! I accompany people on their first vist to provide an overview of The Lieberman Center, of what to expect from Gregory, of what to avoid conversationally while visiting, and what to do if physical support is needed. Then people are welcome to visit on their own. For future visits, I would like to know when people are planning on visiting just in case Gregory is not available, has other activities or volunteer visits, and so I can schedule my visit at another time to help make his day is fuller.

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