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Monday, February 10, 2014

Fast Seizure Update

Just a fast update. Gregory is doing well and returned to Lieberman on Saturday after three days in the hospital. He ended up being in the hospital for the requisite 3 midnights of Medicare so he will be eligible for up to 100 days of skilled nursing care (read my not having to pay Lieberman) and occupational therapy and physical therapy as well. This should help him get back onto his feet more confidently. It is said that for every day in the hospital, three days are needed to regain your strength!

The care Gregory received at the hospital was stellar however an advocate is always needed, especially when the person cannot advocate for themselves. Turns out he hadn't pooped for two days so Alaksh and the nurse's aid sat him on the toilet and he was successful. Last thing one needs is to be constipated. The hospital was a little hesitant about G's being up in the bathroom but Alaksh convinced them. It isn't that Gregory couldn't walk or be on his feet. It is just that he is unsure on his feet and needs support. Also the verbal communication of expectations takes longer then most people are used to and sometimes doesn't work at all. This makes it look like Gregory cannot get up but also there are the times when Gregory just doesn't know how to "sit!"

Another thing that happened. Gregory's medical records are now on the hospital system's computers. For the most part that is good. But somehow it was assumed that an old, unused prescription for Xanex, an anti-panic medicine was to be administered three times a day. When I found that out I threw a hissy fit! First why? Second don't assume, ask me! Third his doctor has only known Gregory for the three weeks since he was admitted at Lieberman, I have known Gregory for 39 years!

When Gregory got back to Lieberman, the nurse called me early the next day to re-check his medications. I guess they do that every time a resident returns from a hospital visit. Good for them! They put him in a wheel chair to move him about but take him out and help him into a regular chair when they reach their destination. Good for them.

Today or tomorrow we will have another "Care Conference" to discuss Gregory's progress so far at Lieberman, especially with all the "interruptions."

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