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Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Lieberman Tapestry

For several years, Lieberman Center has been collecting for and working on a community tapestry. Requests have gone out for clothing, scrap jewelry, stuffed animals, ephemera, and other artifacts.

Finally this year, with the energy and hard work of Dr. Yemonja Smalls it was completed and is now on display in the community room on the first floor. It is a spectacular work representing many of the residents who live here and a tribute to the hard work of the Life Enrichment Team whose combined efforts brought this together including: Andrea, Katharine, Wanda, Leslie, and Alma and other staff helpers.

Dr. Smalls has been an intern at Lieberman for many months in the Art Therapy Department. She holds her doctorate in Psychology but wants to use the arts (she is also an amazing artist) as the platform for her mental health work so she returned to school to earn her Masters Degree in Art Therapy.

Here is her art web site: 

Here is her line of clothing site:

Dr. Smalls also did face painting at the Spring Carnival and it was a tremendous success. Here is a photo of her at the Spring Carnival. Each resident and/or family face painting was a floral work of art with careful attention to color and detail.

Here is the tapestry completion invitation and celebration announcement:

This is what the finished tapestry looks like:

These are some of the shirts and "tsotskies" Gregory and I donated to the project:

Here is one of the Bears woven into the tapestry:

Here is another Bear woven into the tapestry:

This round section was made up of one of Gregory's favorite flannel shirt in red and green:

This is what Gregory's shirt looked like as it was cut into strips and the beginning of its being woven into the circle:

Friday was Yemonja's last day at Lieberman. Only fitting that it was also the day of the tapestry unveiling and celebration. Dr. Yemonja Smalls leaves a bit of herself and a great legacy behind at Lieberman. She will be missed by many residents, family, and staff members. Go you successfully Yemonja and bring your love and talents to those you come to know and support, your gifts are many!


  1. I wandered around a bit to see if I could figure out the Flash Player problem. I can see the video of the Sparrow story.

    When I lit here, I wondered if you know that intricate photos like those of the tapestry can be (on a PC) right clicked and the picture opened in a new window, where another click will enlarge it? Any kind of craft work needs close scrutiny to appreciate.

    1. Thanks. Know this and using an outward "pinch" on the Mac can do the same enlarging.


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