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Monday, August 24, 2015

The Language of Dementia

A while back, I started to become more aware of the language I used to describe Gregory and my journey with Dementia/ Alzheimer's, making sure I always spoke respectfully, articulately, and in a way that did not inappropriately add to the stigma that is often associated with the disease.

In the beginning I didn't even like referring to myself as a "Caregiver" because when you love someone, you do what you have to do to make your lives OK. No label needed! Next, I stared referring to my relationship with Dementia/ Alzheiemr's and Gregory as being part of a "Care Giving Team" which included both Gregory and me. I often referred to the diagnosis as "Our Diagnosis" in that while it was Gregory's illness, I have chosen to walk the path with him.

At Lieberman I am also aware of language use and will carefully, with a large smile, correct people when they use disrespectful or undermining language. For example we use "Cloth Napkins" NOT "Bibs." We use "Paper Pants" not "Diapers." Little things like this make a difference!

Here is Australia's official guidelines for Alzheimer's use language. I saw it on my friend Kate's blog. Writing as a person with Dementia, she has given me a new look, from her angle, of what a person with Dementia experiences. The blog deals becoming more Dementia/ Alzheimer's friendly. Check it out:


  1. words in the way we say things really do make a difference because they shape our perspective the way we see things...


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