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Friday, August 28, 2015

Dear Blog Readers

Over the life of this blog since June 2010, the number of readers has been growing exponentially. I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU and to say that I hope by joining our journey (often or periodically) and that hearing about Gregory and my experiences are able to support you on your journey. I hope that they help you to realize that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, whatever your sorrows and joys may be.

In many ways the fact that Gregory and I are a same sex couple seems to disappear as you realize that ours is a story of two people in love, family friends or whomever, who care for each other and have been journeying through Dementia/ Alzheimer's on what often seems like a run-away roller-coaster ride, "The Three R's."

Having said that, however, I also need to say that in my research on the internet I find that there is very little, if nothing, out there dealing with GLBTQ couples who are dealing with the issue of living with Dementia/ Alzheimer's or loving someone who is living with it. That makes me sad and seems to make my work at blogging all the more important.

Finally, I would ask you to share the blog's address with anyone and everyone who you think might benefit from Gregory and my journey and to comment now and then if only to say, "Hi. We are out here!"

Thanks and Namaste,
Michael and Gregory

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