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Monday, August 10, 2015

Pedro Macedo Camacho: Documentary Music Composer

Thanks Pedro Macedo Camacho 
for your loving, supportive, kind words. You may have doubts but I have none about how wonderfully the music you composed supported and helped bring out story to life! Can you imagine what a thrill having someone as talented as you create for us as a reflection of our love an original score! Never in my life would I have thought!!! So thanks for being involved, thanks for being one of the puzzle pieces that helped create this masterpiece of a documentary. Without you the puzzle would not have been complete!

I recently scored Alzheimer's: A Love Story. This documentary, which just won 2 awards in the first festival it has participated (Rhode Island Film Festival), taught me many things to me and will certainly change many people's minds about long-lasting relationships and true love between two people of the same sex. The 40 years story of Mr. Michael Horvich and Mr. Gregory Maire, strongly affected by Alzheimer in the last decade, is perhaps the strongest messages I ever witnessed to the world that gay marriage should exist and should be respected.

Thank you so much for the amazingly talented LA team that created this piece of art. First I have to thank Gabe Schimmel for inviting me, for his direction and for making such a masterful cut. The cut, just by itself, seemed to sing and made my work really easier. Thank you to the rest of the team for supporting me and for doing such a great work - Monica Maria Bess PetruzzelliRiani Singgih and Amanda Le.
I am not sure if my score did this story enough justice... it is impossible to correctly translate into notes someone's life... especially this one!
The results are in! "Alzheimer's: A Love Story" has been chosen as the best LGBTQ short at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, and was also awarded the Alternative Spirit Award! I was lucky enough to be able to represent our film at the festival, but I wish we all could have been there- Monica Maria Bess PetruzzelliRiani SinggihAmanda LePedro Macedo Camacho, Gregory Maire, Michael Horvich, these awards belong to all of us, and I can't put into words how lucky I was and still am to be a part of this team! Now on to the next festival!!

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