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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Picking Berries

I was able to get a tray for Gregory's wheelchair. It is fairly large and slips over the handles of the chair which holds it firmly in place. I thought it would be a good idea to provide a surface that Gregory could "work" on since it is difficult to get the chair close to a table. We could put toys, food, books, etc on the table for him to use.

When I first put the tray onto the chair, I thought "Oh Fuck! It looks like a highchair!" So I took it off and put it away.

Today I put it on again and while it still looked "Oh Fuck!" I decided that it still may come in handy. The first experiment was to put a plate of blueberries on the tray and try to help Gregory feed himself. I don't think he got the idea but when I moved his fingers around he did grasp a berry and with physical encouragement he  put it into his mouth. His response was, "Oh Yum!"

He was able to feed himself half a dozen or so berries but what I have found is that just because he succeeds in doing something, that does not mean he can do it in a repetitive fashion. He fumbled and dropped or just let his hand lie there. So sometimes he succeeded and other times I did it for him.

The experiment will continue and I'll send a photo of the tray on the chair, "Oh Fuck!"

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