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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

E-Mail Communications

In response to the last post our niece asked: 
Do you think there is a breaking point?  Is that the point when he doesn’t know you anymore?  Will that make it “easier” to make tough decisions?  Man I feel for you. 

I replied:


Yes, a definite breaking point will probably arrive. Do not know for sure when that will be. If I were to become ill or incapacitated myself would be one. G's not being aware would be another. G's incontinence will probably figure in there somewhere. My physical inability to lift and care for him would be another, whether his physical needs increase or I get too old to push and pull. 

Steps before the breaking point and needing a memory care facility? My continuing to grow and understand how to work with him. My continuing to love myself. Continuing with my creative outlets. Continuing to take time for myself when G is with his companion. Possibly adding to the hours that a companion is with us. At some point needing a better trained companion. Buying the condo next door and having live-in help.

You know how you didn't want to mention TP so as not to add to my burden (and I chastised you and said I'll let you know when it is too much:-), sometimes I feel like I add to your burden by sending my depressing (and sometimes but seemingly less often uplifting and loving) missives your way so often. You do not always have to read them all and/or comment. I know that both of you are there for us.

That's why You Love Us More,


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