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Sunday, September 7, 2014


This Alzheimer's BLOG receives between 50 and 100 hits a day. Out of some 36,000 hits in the four years since its beginning, there have been 265 comments for a .7% reply rate. But you know what, comments are not expected and notoriously absent when anyone who is a blogger is asked about their experience with comments.

As you know, I do not write for the comments. I write to process my grief and my joy, I write to share our situation with friends and family, I write in case my experiences and observations and insights might help others who are grieving.

We all grief when someone we love is experiencing any terminal, incurable illness. But the way Alzheimer's presents itself is more insidious than only a few other illnesses out there and therefore more painful for both the ones ill and the ones loving and caring for those ill.

Periodically I will run into someone who follows this BLOG and they will tell me how much it means to them or what an inspirational role model I am. This happened on Friday when I was at the Lyric Opera of Chicago's costume sale and I ran into one of the women who sings in the chorus. (Thanks CL!) We exchanged no fewer than three meaningful hugs :-)

Again, while I do not write for the celebrity, and while I know I am doing a good job caring for Gregory, it does make me feel good to hear from others who agree. Being a caregiver for someone you love so much is a heavy, lonely occupation and sharing that love with others and hearing their message helps me to feel lighter!

P.S. Over the last 15 or so years, being in 20 or so operas; many of the people at the opera house have become acquaintances, friends, and family at various levels. I appreciate and value them. I keep up with many of them via Facebook. I haven't been able to be in any operas for three or four years as I could not leave Gregory alone but now that he is safely ensconced at The Lieberman Center, I hope to get cast in an opera this season, or maybe next.

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