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Friday, December 6, 2013

Many Ahh Ha's

When Gregory is trying to negotiate an activity and I try to explain, he will have an "Ahh Ha" moment. "Oh, I see!" or "OK!" or "I forgot that!"

But then the "Ahh Ha" moment is gone and he has not progressed any further with the activity.

"Get dressed now," I say pointing to his pile of clothes on the bedroom bench.

"OK," he replies starting at said pile but doing nothing.

"There," I point again, "put your clothes on."

"Oh, I see!" standing there doing nothing.

"DO IT! NOW!" I frustrate.

"I will. That is just what I was going to do." Still standing and doing nothing.

Sometimes he will eventually get it and proceed. Often he does not.

There are a number of ways that I can handle this. I put the clothes in his arms. I hand him his shirt. I sit him down and dress him with the result that he finally "gets it" and proceeds. Sometimes I just walk away and tell him, "Do what you need to do." or "Do it the way you want to."

Do you have any idea how aggravating it can be for you when someone behaves like they clearly understand what you are saying or asking and then proceeds to do nothing or something totally different from what you said or asked?

With a three year old, you know there is a learning process. How do you cope when you are involved in a disintegration of learning process? With patience and love and just a little frustration.

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