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Monday, December 23, 2013

As you know Gregory's recent downhill adventure, along with my journey beside him, has been dramatic.
A month ago, I took him off his meds because it was not obvious that they were doing anything and he was having trouble swallowing pills (a battle every morning and bedtime.) I did this with an OK from his doctors.

I decided that I would observe to see if taking off the meds made a big difference. Well it has. His abilities have been plummeting and all kinds of bizarre behaviors are showing up. It could be just a function of this next stage of his Alzheimer's or it could be because he is off the meds.

The other part of the experiment was that when first put on the meds some ten years ago, his abilities peaked with improvement. The doctors were surprised because the meds are supposed to "slow down loss" not "peak improvement." 
I thought that if I took him off meds and watched and then put him back on and watched I might see a difference and thereby proof that the medications were worthwhile.

So we will go back on the meds in January.

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