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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dinner and Conversation

Manny and Greg and Michael had dinner at Lieberman cooked by Alaksh: Butter Chicken and Paneer Korma over rice. Yummmmy.

Manny, Gregory, and Alaksh

Butter Chicken

Paneer Korma

We had dinner on the second floor in a small classroom. It was fun sitting around the table eating together. Gregory enjoyed it very much. His room is too small for such a party and the dining room only allows Kosher food. The only thing were were lacking was a table cloth and a few flowers in a vase. 

Alaksh is planning on cooking again next week. I'll provide the table cloth and flowers and a picture of Gregory's and my moms. Happy Mother's Day it will be.

After dinner we sat in the main space of the fifth floor, the music center, and visited with the four of us, Gerrie and her son and son-in-law and a friend of their's visiting from Florida. Later two male residents (there are not many males) joined the conversation. They didn't add much but had been sitting on the periphery listening so we invited them to join us. 

Dorothy walked by and "blew" us her greetings as she plowed down the hallway, walker to the wind.

Sad part was greeting Marvin (husband) who told us his wife (resident) Betty wasn't doing too well. She was having trouble breathing and couldn't eat any more so they've started Hospice.

Funny (and sad) how the Lieberman Fifth Floor community continues to grow on us.

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