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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An E-Mail

Thanks for asking about Gregory, R. Gregory has evened out again, even if at a much lower level of functioning but he is happy and content. My experience with Lieberman continues to prove itself to be loving, supportive, and provision of excellent care. 

While I still grieve and will probably do so for the rest of my life, but I face each day with renewed strength and excitement. As you saw, I just published my second book of poetry, am working on the possibility of creating a second Michael's Museum which will be known as MCM or Michael's Closet Museum: A Large Collection Of Tiny Treasures in a Tiny Space. 

Am repainting the condo, making it my "single pad," and while do not want to be away from Gregory for great lengths of time am planning a future trip to Amsterdam and will embark on a few three or four day adventures, the first on probably to Quebec City. 

I hired a private care person to be with Gregory seven days a week from 11:30 to 5:30. That covers lunch and dinner and the time between. It helps keep Gregory active. While the aides there take good care of Gregory, it is not a social, interactive experience. 

With Manny, he gets extra exercise, companionship and help eating at meals, the ability to go to functions at Lieberman, ability to go down to the library and out to the gardens, watch movies (usually musicals) in his room, have snacks and his beloved chocolates, do music sessions with his iPod and earphones (as set up by Manny,) have massage, read aloud. None of which Gregory could do for himself but with Manny's help is easy. 

Also because Gregory is a "fall-risk" and because cognitively his brain has great trouble controling his legs and muscles, he is confined to a wheel chair. Normally he would have to always be with the "crowd" of other residents but with Manny his time can be more individualized. 

I visit almost every day and take one off now and then when I feel the need. Gregory's condition is much worse but his situation is much improved. My heart is light.

Love to you and N.


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