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Monday, March 24, 2014

Today At Lieberman

I greet Morse. "Hello." He only speaks Russian. "Shabbat Shalom," (Good Sabbath) he replies. P.S. Today is Monday not the Sabbath.

"How are you today?" I ask the Doctor (a resident.) "I'm here!" he replies. "Zaigasunt," I tell him (be healthy.) "That is a good idea!" he says smiling.

Betty's son is visiting. He tells me he is here for his daughter's (Betty's grand daughter) Bat Mitzvah. "Oh how nice," I reply directed towards Betty. "What is your grand daughter's name?" Betty thinks for a while, "I don't remember." She says looking at her son. "Lara," he replies. "Oh yes, a very forgettable name," comments Betty.

In the hall, Lucy sits on a chair next to the nurse's medicine cart. The nurse is busy preparing medications for other residents but you can tell that Lucy is getting great comfort just sitting next to the nurse watching her work.

In a corner, the social worker is talking with an upset woman resident, holding her hand, assuring her that her son will come to visit soon. "I hope so, I hope so," the resident says. Whether true or not, the exchange helps to calm the woman.

Manny is helping Gregory eat. Manny places some carrots on Gregory's fork and tells him, "Here, put the carrots in your mouth." Gregory concentrates deeply, slowly lifting his weighted, bicycle handle looking fork towards his mouth, keeps going past his mouth, and tries to feed the carrots to his forehead. Then he looks cross eyed, laughs, and put the carrots into his mouth.

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