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Friday, March 28, 2014

Post Birthday

An E-Mail to Susan:

Thanks. Your words and insights are always comforting. Your birthday wishes meaningful.

My birthday was spent with Pat, a new friend of three years, who is also a writer and with whom I felt an instant bond when we first met at a writers conference. She is good with Gregory and good for me. We have a lot in common, a lot of similar views, and most of all are easily respectful of each other's individuality and differences.

On my birthday, she and I went to Lieberman to help G with lunch, had some birthday cake in his room, went on to an antique mall in Gurnee (where I saw the most amazing hand carved German Noah's Ark for only $5,000,) went home for a nap, got back together to open gifts (Pat does good gifting,) went to Pete Millers for a huge steak and some jazz, and ended up back at the condo with another small birthday cake. 

It was difficult without Gregory by my side, but I did OK. You remember that my mom died on my birthday (still consider it a blessing from her to me) and now with Gregory more or less out of my responsibility, my birthdays (and currently my life is) are "spent" and/or "contemplated" rather than "celebrated." But that is OK. 

Many, many friends and family went out of their way to send me wishes (cards, calls, e-mails, texts, Facebook, wow what a large number of ways we now have to communicate, if only with a LIKE click) and that felt nice although I kept low for the most part. Today I will finish responding to my well wishers.

Still feel like I am treading water but the future is a large possibility islanded out there ahead of me. Talk soon,



  1. Did Pat take these photos? They are so beautifully compassionate.

    1. Yes Jan, the photographs were taken by Pat and they are wonderful!

  2. The photos ARE wonderful, a sort of travel log through an emotional landscape. Broke my heart. Made me proud to know you, Michael. Mostly that.


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