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Happy New Year 2016. With a new year comes new beginnings and sometimes endings. If I am personally progressing and if I am doing a good job in my grieving Gregory's death; if I have been able to learn my lessons in living and loving someone diagnosed with Dementia/ Alzheimer's; if I am to get on with my life ... I need to bring this Alzheimer's blog to an end since my writing has been dealing less with Dementia/ Alzheimer's and more with life after Dementia/ Alzheimer's.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Birthday Celebration

Last night friends Jan and Jake, their son (and Gregory and my God son Isaac,) and his girlfriend Az, and I went out to dinner to celebrate Jake's 72nd, my 69th, and Jan's 64th. Az celebrated her birthday a week or so ago, J and J will celebrate their anniversary in a week or so, and Isaac's birthday is less than a month.

So the evening was full of celebration, laughter, wine, good food, and gifts. For me there was also, sitting by my side, the absence of Gregory which made me sad but didn't spoil the evening. Just saying'

Here are a few pictures from Jake:

My Shrimp and Lobster Scampi
at Davis Street Fish Market

A portrait titled:
"Michael and his Spaghetti"

A Dragon netsuke was my gift

The dragon was presented in a yellow silk tie string bag with a handmade scroll. On one side was a beautiful photograph of the moon that was taken by Jake. On the other side was this, researched and written by Jan:

The Japanese dragon is associated with rainfall and bodies of water. It is considered a water deity and is figured in the names and decor of many Shinto and Buddhist shrines. The Dragon is connected to the season of spring when new life begins. Spring is also a tumultuous season full of storms and earthquakes (in Japan) and such extreme weather is attributed to Dragons fighting with other mythical beasts. In Japanese a tornado is called a Tatsu (Dragon) Maki (Roll.) Dragons are frequently emblems of emperors and heroes and offer guardianship and protection.

Japanese Dragons have the power to assume human form allowing them to interact and breed with mortal beings. Though wise and benevolent, Dragons often remain indifferent to human affairs, concerned more with the grand issues of the universe. Never-the-less, through rain prayers, Dragon dances and other rituals, humnas, especially farmers and fishermen, can procure good fortune from the Dragons. 

So, Michael, a Dragon for you as a protector and a guardian, finding yourself in a new kind of spring, fraught with storms, but holding new life as well. This Dragon netsuke connects with the promise of this new life.

Happy Birthday.
Carry our love with you!
Jan and Jake

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