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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beet Soup

The Lieberman Center is run under the CJE, Council for Jewish Elderly. One of the important features of the center, besides their excellent care, is that they serve only Kosher meals to the residents.

Aides are not allowed to toast residents bread on the Sabbath according to a sign in the kitchenette. Following the "no work on the Sabbath" law.

Saturday lunch and dinner (still the sabbath until sundown) is prepared ahead of time to follow the "no work on the Sabbath" law, so tonights dinner was borscht, cold salmon salad, sliced tomatoes, and a lovely challah roll.

As I was lifting the cup of cold beet borscht to Gregory's lips, I announced in a loud voice, "Borscht!" Isaac, our God son who was visiting fell into the routine also announcing, "Borscht."

Gregory just gave us both a look, then announced very clearly, "Borscht" and began to laugh. Both Isaac and I laughed with Gregory and many of the other diners looked in our direction wondering what we were so happy about.

It was the Borscht! Also, for the most part Gregory is non-verbal so his loud, clear announcement, done in a humorous vain, cheered us all!

borscht |bôrSHt (alsoborsch) nouna Russian or Polish soup made with beets and usually served with sour cream.ORIGIN Russian borshch .

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