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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Piano Recital

This is amazing. Another MAGICAL MONUMENTAL MOMENT! I have been wanting to sit Gregory down in front of the grand piano in Liberman's Great Room but have been afraid to do so wondering if it would be traumatic for him. Today I decided to try.

I lifted his hands and fingers and placed them on the keys. I played the keys further up the keyboard with his fingers just sitting on the lower keys. Then I pushed his fingers to make music. He would take his hands off the keyboard and I would play a little then put his fingers back. We did this quite a few times.

He would posture his fingers as if the "muscle memory" was trying to take over. The positions he attempted with his hands and fingers were very similar to what I had seen many times as he was getting ready to play. Sometimes the fingers would just sit there after posturing and other times he would strike one key or a handful of them.

I do not do these things in the hope that he will re-gain abilities or skills. I do them as yet another way to provide him with daily meaningful activities and as a way of interacting with him using skills he used to love doing.

Our practice session lasted about 5 minutes. Then I recorded this 18 second piece. I facilitated, I recorded, but I was astounded when I watched what had been recorded. I had not realized until I watched this video, what he was able to accomplish in such a short period of time.

He hasn't "played piano" for at least 8 years! He didn't all of a sudden play Chopin like he used to but you could see his hands trying to get back some of that muscle memory and eventually he did compose this piece which I will call: "Gregory's Muscle Memory."

At the end of the piece, you can see Gregory's fingers "making silent love" to the keys and his final comment sums up for me how he felt about the experience.


  1. OMG…How moving. Yes, his muscle memory was there. And yes, he was caressing those keys at the end. And his burst of vocal pleasure! Gregory has much to teach us still! And so do you.

  2. Your recent blog postings have been beautiful, tender, wise, moving. Most especially, the Magical Monumental Musical Moment. Your love for Gregory is so great and wise that it leads to such joy in Gregory’s present moments. The joy is pure, even as it encompasses sorrow and poignancy. The video of Greg’s dear, beautiful hands over the keys is so fucking magical. Much love, my dear wise friend.


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