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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lieberman Center Spring Carnival 2015

Michael and Gregory sponsored the carnival in honor of Michael's 70th birthday. Approximately 250 Lieberman residents, family, friends, and guests attended this gala event. Twenty five of Gregory and Michael's family and friends volunteered to run the games and refreshment counter and a dozen Lieberman and CJA volunteers helped residents move around the room.

Carousel music was playing in the background, the smell of freshly popped pop corn was in the air, over 100 colorful helium balloons decorated the community room, table top game tables were covered in gayly colored table cloths, kosher cotton candy and orange sherbet push ups were available as well as fruit punch.

Every player was a winner and could select two presents on the way out including Beanie Babies, key chains, bracelets, pens/pencils, boxes of Kleenex, bags of M&Ms, and more. A good time was had by all!

The Carnival Mascot: Peaceful Too

Sponsors Gregory and Michael

Gregory playing the "Beach Ball" game with Manny & Caroline.

Gregory playing the "Beach Ball" game.

Gregory having a great time at the Carnival.

Emily showing Gregory his photo.

Helpers Alma (5th Floor Activity Director) and Hanna (5th Floor Social Worker.)

Michael and Hannah.

Gregory and Manny (Private Care Aide, Friend, and Lifesaver!)

Larry sitting up the "Ring Toss" game.

Sharon and Michael at the "Jug Tumble" and "Duck Pond" game.

Sheryl and Sarah at the "Kissing Booth" and "Soccer Slam" games.

 Naomi at the "Luck Dice" game.

Robert at the "Clown Tumble" game.

Caroline at the "Beach Ball" game.

Cheryl at the "Ice Cream Scoop" game.

Howard at the "Fruit Match" game.

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