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Happy New Year 2016. With a new year comes new beginnings and sometimes endings. If I am personally progressing and if I am doing a good job in my grieving Gregory's death; if I have been able to learn my lessons in living and loving someone diagnosed with Dementia/ Alzheimer's; if I am to get on with my life ... I need to bring this Alzheimer's blog to an end since my writing has been dealing less with Dementia/ Alzheimer's and more with life after Dementia/ Alzheimer's.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Documentary Day 6

Day 6 has been interesting. In some ways I am already feeling the "star struck" reaction to being in a film. I continue to be grateful to the crew but am feeling impatient while they set up, focus, and chat among themselves. Waiting is a large part of the process and at times that is difficult. A lot of film making is boring and tiring.

My voice, while over my cold, comes and goes so during the middle of reading a poem it will give out and I'll have to begin over. I must have read two dozen or so poems. Having to do sound checks, clapping before each set to as to synchronize the cameras (two are being used.)

Five people living in the condo (four of whom are "college kids") when I am used to only one, and that one being me. Meals to be organized and cleaned up. Groceries to be put away after a shopping trip. Two bathrooms which are plenty enough for me when here alone but in demand when needed by 5 people. For the most part, however, they are good roommates and restful of the space.

At night the crew has been going down to the community room to watch the "dailys" (work shot during that day.) The purpose of this is to see what went right and what needs further attention or to be redone. Glad for the community room as the kids really get into their work, laugh a lot, are nosey and are, well ..., are college kids and I, I am a seventy year old man used to having things my way and more or less living on my own.

When I got home from my birthday dinner last night with Pat, they had baked me a batch of birthday cookies, including one looking like Gigi and one like Emma. They also made a Vegan brownie which actually tastes worth eating! I was tickled by their gesture!

And Gregory is feeling better today with his cold and cough.

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