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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Thanks With Purpose

I am aware today that being Thanksgiving has been OK for me. I am completely in the present and not thinking about Gregory and my past Thanksgivings and not thinking about our future ones. (Having typed this is kind of like thinking but not really:-)

I am aware of feeling joyful and happy. I am looking forward to celebrating the holiday. The reason I think is that I have filled today with purpose. I straightened up the condo and emptied the dish washer. I ran a load of laundry. I communicated some on my computer.

I made "Thank You" sign tents to post around Lieberman. This time around no mass distribution of food or candy like other holidays but rather a verbal thank you: Front Desk - Administrative Offices  PT/OT - Volunteer Office - Art Therapy - Life Enrichment - Kitchen - Laundry - 5 Floor Nurses Station - Second Floor Building Lounge - Head Nurse: Alicia - Social Worker: Hannah - Activity Director: Alma - G’s RCA: Tomika, Hazel, Luberta - Dining Room: Dorina - Restorative Nurse: Julie - Dietician: Stephanie - Private Care: Manny and Private Care: Connie.

I gave Manny half of today off and I will be with Gregory for Thanksgiving Dinner at Lieberman. For $7.00 I can join in on the whole roasted turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie. So Gregory and I will be having Thanksgiving Dinner together. I am also looking forward to spending a longer period of time with him instead of the one to three usual hours a day.

I gave Manny off tomorrow so my friend Pat will help Gregory with lunch and I will be with him for dinner again tomorrow.

I did make some "treats" for the immediate helpers on the fifth floor. I baked two 9x13 pans of pecan brownies, cut into a total of 48 pieces.

So in all, I am celebrating Thanksgiving in a new way, in a "here and now" way, in a joyful, wonderful way. I am happy.

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