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Friday, November 19, 2010


"CAUSE/EFFECT" and "EITHER/OR" abilities do not always work for Gregory OR sometimes they do but I am not sure what CAUSES this thinking to work OR not. Is that clear?

If you do this THEN that will happen.

Make a choice of EITHER this, OR that.

If you push this button it will CAUSE the microwave will run for 1 minute.

You can cook the leftovers for EITHER one OR two minutes.

If you click the mouse, it will CAUSE the e-mail will be sent.

After you read the e-mail, you can EITHER save it OR delete it.

When it is cold outside it CAUSES you to wear a heavier coat.

You can wear EITHER the leather coat OR the down coat.

I always wonder if it is easier for me to make the decision OR to try to CAUSE him to understand what needs to be done. But I do not want to CAUSE him to feel bad OR be upset. Go figure.


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