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Friday, November 12, 2010

Shopping for Clothes

Not an easy task. At least not as easy as it used to be. Gregory and I were on a walk and when we saw the 45% off sale at our local GAP, spontaneously decided to go in to see about a few pair of jeans and some shirts for him. G couldn't remember what jeans he had at home, if he needed more, which style he might want, which color blue or black, classic, boot, tight, loose? Too many decisions.

So I decided that you can never have enough jeans and we would buy a few pair. Meanwhile I was in charge of remembering what size G wears in waist and length. He remembered that he prefers solid jeans and not the washed out/faded type. He tried a pair on, good in length but too baggy in waist. The clerk offered to get a size smaller.

The store didn't have a size smaller so she brought jeans that were two sizes smaller. While it seemed to fit, two sizes smaller made me nervous so I had to make an executive call and say "NO." Hard to tell from looking if the pants fit, if he understood my questioning, or if he will let me know in a few weeks that the pants are uncomfortable. He sat, twisted, and put his hands in the pocket but was not able to convince me that the pants were a good fit. So no jeans.

We did buy three flannel shirts, I was convinced that they fit well because they were not too loose and not too tight and his arms didn't poke out like sticks (he is tall remember.) He didn't have to make any decisions but did confirm that he liked the colors.

As we were leaving the store, paid goods in a shopping bag in hand, I realized he didn't have his coat. We checked the dressing room and it was no where to be found. The clerks helped us search and found the coat on a pile of "return clothes" behind the counter where he had left it while I was paying the bill. Relief. The clerks in the store know our situation so we are comfortable in acting overtly gay, overtly lovers, and overtly "mother and child."

Next stop, new shoes. Oy!


  1. Sounds like quite the adventure. I sincerely admire how well you handle all of these difficult situations. The love REALLY shines through.


  2. Linda, I know you have been through your share of problems, handled with positive attitude and love, so I very much appreciate your comments to me.


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