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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Chanukah Party

Today at 1:30, Lieberman 5th floor held its annual Chanukah party and also celebrated the centennial of four of our residents. Everyone convened in the dining room with some tables pushed back, Chanukah decorations a plenty hung on the walls, and beautiful fresh flower center-pieces on the white table clothed tables still in place.

Barry was at the electronic keyboard playing a variety of slow, up tempo, popular, Jewish, and Chanukah pieces. Residents and staff clapped and sang along and even danced. At one point I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to find one of the more ambulatory residents requesting me to dance with her.  We "cut the rug" calmly.

Potatoes Pancakes (Latkes) with sour cream and apple sauce and apple juice were served.

The joy in the room was easy to feel and for me it was mingled with sorrow that the clock could not be turned back, that the disease could not be reversed, and that this joy could not be felt by all, all of the time. But if one could stay in the here and now, it was a beautiful, joyful sight to behold. 


Most of the 40 residents attended the party. Faces are blurred for privacy.

Gregory really enjoyed the electric keyboard.

I really enjoyed the cute performer:-)

Here are the four Centenarians being presented
with a certificate of honor by our Social Worker Hannah.

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