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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Entertainment Sundays at Lieberman

Todays classical piano concert, performed by Maralgua “Maggie” Darjaa, was a hit with the over 60 residents who attended "Entertainment Sundays at Lieberman." To louder than usual applause, shouts of YES! and BRAVA!, and a standing ovation by those who were able,  the audience really appreciated Maralgua’s well executed pieces by Chopin, Beethoven, and Mozart.

Gregory was especially moved as Chopin is his favorite and while Gregory's abilities are gone, he used to play very athletic classic pieces on our Grand Piano. When it was time to sell the piano because he could no longer play it, his comment was, “Well I can always relive these days by listening to our CD’s.” That is how calm and accepting Gregory has always been.

One photo shows Gregory with a tear running down his cheek. He was crying with joy at hearing one of his favorite pieces. Later in the concert, I placed his hands around my wrists and pretended to play the piece we were listening to. I know enough about piano to know when my right hand is hitting the higher notes and my left hand hitting the lower notes. Wiggling my fingers and moving left to right, I also kept rhythm to the piece as it was played. Gregory seemed to enjoy this experience and when I looked down at his feet, it looked like he was working the pedals of his piano. Afterwords he thanked me and it actually felt like he thought he had played the piece. The truth? The reality? Doesn't matter. We both had a "moment."

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