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Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Alaksh

Alaksh joined Gregory and me as Gregory's companion about a year ago. He would spend some 10 to 15 hours with Gregory so I could run errands and have a little time to myself as well as to provide Gregory with companionship and an alternative from being with me .

Alaksh and Gregory  and Alaksh and I got to be good friends in a father/son, grandfather/son, fairy god mother/son kind of way.

When Gregory moved to Lieberman's Memory Care Facility, Alaksh would spend time with him there.

Most recently Alaksh has been cooking Indian Cuisine dinners on Sunday nights for Gregory, me, Manny (Gregory's private care aide,) and himself. These meals take place in a second floor classroom which provides a lovely alternative for the general dinning room on the fifth floor. Only the four of us, delicious food, conversation and none of the commotion that is often times present at dinner on the fifth floor.

Today was Alaksh's 25th birthday and Gregory and I were honored that he chose to spend it with us. We ordered out Chinese, Manny presented Alaksh (on behalf of Gregory) with a bouquet of flowers and some almond brioches. I gave Alaksh a copy of my second book of poetry.

We sang the Happy Birthday song several times and Gregory actually tried to join in with a word here and there. When it was time to blow out the birthday cake candle, Alaksh moved the cake near Gregory and encouraged him to blow out the candle.

It took until the candle was almost gone, but with loving repetition and samples of what blowing air through one's mouth looked like by Manny and Alaksh, Gregory finally took a big breath and blew out the candle. All present; Gregory Alaksh, Manny, and I took great pleasure and pride in Gregory's accomplishment.

The following was posted by Alaksh: "Things half said can be so beautiful. Thanks Michael Horvich and Gregory Maire for a beautiful, yet learning and emotional experience in my life....will cherish you guys forever."

Manny, Gregory, Alaksh

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