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Monday, June 9, 2014

Delores Went Home, Martha Joined Us, Batia Loves Gregory, Aaron's Wife Was Upset, and Michael is a Nut

This evening I spend dinner time with Gregory.

Batia, always verbal if not always understandable, really likes Gregory. When he is down she tries to cheer him up, when he smiles she is happy. Today she commented that Gregory is certainly a handsome man!

I wondered why mild mannered Delores was not at her place and to my relieve found out that she had been at Lieberman for a "vacation" while her family traveled. I was relieved that she, herself, had not taken the "long vacation."

Martha, newly at the table, was not too hungry and I encouraged her to eat a little more, which she did. When she was finished she wanted away from the table and is able to "foot push" herself around in her wheelchair. Gregory's chair was in the way so I moved it over a little to allow Martha to get away from the table.

Martha walked her wheel chair over to me to thank me for encouraging her to eat and for helping her get away from the table before it was time for bed. She stroked my arm and smiled warmly. Then she said, "You can give me a kiss now" and she leaned into my face to receive one, which I surprisingly gave. Then she left the dining room. I think Martha was hitting on me!

Aaron's wife was very upset and was berating the staff for taking her money but NEVER taking care of her husband. He had no knife or fork or glass and his food had gotten cold. "Sitting alone in a corner like a dog," was one of her comments.

No judgements, and I understand her upset, but she doesn't visit all that often. Aaron is mean and angry and yells very loudly when people approach to try to help. I have seen staff continue to approach him anyway, try to help him eat, and be friendly even though he threatens to throw things.

The Nurse Supervisor was called and showed up pretty quickly to try to help take care of the situation. Remember: Never try to reason with someone who is angry. Just say "I see, I see." and bide your time.

By now the tenor of our corner of the dining room had turned sour so Gregory, Manny, and I went back to his room to finish his dessert of canned pears (one of his favorites.)

After he was finished eating, I gave him a manicure. He rightfully got angry with me when I accidentally (after being oh so careful) nicked a cuticle and drew blood.) But he did calm down pretty quickly.

I gave Gregory a largish Teddy Bear a week ago. Now and then, I take it by the back of its neck, sit it on the arm of Gregory's wheel chair, and use it like a puppet, talking in a high voice, "I love you Mr. Man. Am I your favorite Teddy Bear? Let me give you a kiss. Smack. Smack. Etc."

Gregory's comment, looking over at Manny and smiling, "He is a nut!" I loved it!

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