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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Petrie Dish Part II

Manny, Gregory's day care aide, was ill Monday through Wednesday. He is rarely off from work so I can imagine that he must have been feeling really poorly. I covered lunch and dinner on the first day, did lunch and asked Isaac to cover dinner on the second day, and then I got sick on the third day.

101.7 fever. Nauseous. Runs. Slept all day.

Susan, dear old neighborhood neighbor and friend covered lunch and Pat, dear new friend and Gregory aficionado covered dinner. Susan's comment was, "I just love when he reaches out and holds my hand." Pat's comment was, "I have not made such a mess since the boys were in high chairs. Too much round food!

I share this with you for several reasons. First I am grateful to my family of friends for their being available to support Gregory when I am not able to.

Also, for those of you who are caring for a loved one, do not be afraid or embarrassed to ask family and friends for help. You will find that if they can spare the time, do not have to work at that time, or do not have previous unchangeable plans; they will be at you side to support you and your loved one!

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